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Thursday 04 July 2024

Digital Mode Frequencies

 PH5HP   04 Jul 2024

Today I added a page with some Digital Modes and the frequencies on where they are used.

Go to Digital Mode Frequencies page

Q-codes page

 PH5HP   04 Jul 2024

New page added with the Q codes used by Hamradio operators. Click on the button below.

Go to Q-codes page

Sunday 30 June 2024

My videos on Youtube

 PH5HP   30 Jun 2024

Today I added a page with some of my Youtube videos regarding my Hamradio hobby. I will add more videos in the future. Most of these videos are already from some years ago. I hope you will enjoy it.


Youtube Videos

Saturday 15 June 2024

My Websites

 PH5HP   15 Jun 2024

Just added a 'My Websites' link to the main menu. Here you will find some of my Websites. The 'Logbook PH5HP' link can only be used by me. My Logbook on Google Maps and my PSK Reporter on Google Maps can also be found at:



Thursday 13 June 2024

New Website PH5HP

 PH5HP   13 Jun 2024

This is my new WebSite. I abandoned WordPress because it was slow and I had a lot of other problems with it. My new WebSite is running the E107 CMS. This Content Managing System is fast and not as big in loading as WordPress is.