SDR-14 available for remote use

I bought a secondhand SDR-14 a couple of weeks ago. This is my first serious SDR-receiver. It is hooked up at the moment with a minibeam for 20/15/10 meters, but also some other bands are suitable to listen too. If I am not using it and my computer is turned on you can access it by remote control. Here is the guide how to do it:

  • Download SDR-Radio at
  • Install the software
  • Run the software and select by Input Source ->Remote
  • My URL is , Username is Guest and the password is FortKnox
  • If the connection is established you have to click on the play button by Input Source

This is all you have to do. After this you can control the radio if it is at your home. It can be that the radio is already in use by me of others. If that is the case the connection will be refused. Be patient.

Posted by PH5HP
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