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RX/TX expanded audio mod
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I found this in the ESSB Yahoo forum and it seems to work:
I just found out that the FT-2000 is capable of a transmit bandwidth of 50 Hz to 4000 Hz (4Khz). For those who want to take advantage of the full transmit features of the FT-2000 and for those who use external audio gear such as the W2IHY 8-Band EQ, W2IHY EQPlus or Behringer Audio Gear, you may want to experiment with this.

For those that are not interested in this ESSB audio, please be tolerant with the many FT-2000 users who are.

Here is the simple procedure::

1.While powering on the radio hold the CONT and DNR buttons in.
2.Go to Menu 85 and turn the Sub VFO to the right until you see ttbf. (we don't know what this stands for yet).
3.Push the Menu button in and listen for the Beep and this saves the new setting.

The FT-2000/FT2000D is now in the 50 Hz to 4 Khz transmit bandwidth. To receive in this same bandwidth put the WIDTH knob fully clockwise and you will see all of the LED's lit. Also put the SHIFT knob in the center. You can see thes changes on your DMU.
Have fun with it...

73 de Henk [pd5dp]
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