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Kenwood TS-950SDX - New 6.7Kc TX Power-On Mod Discovered!!
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That's right, there is now a NEW Power-On Menu Mod for the SDX!!

This mod will bring the TS-950sdx out to 6.7Kc on the Transmitter, Just like the SDXCC 6.7Kc TX Unit does described below. We have tested it and it does the same exact thing as the SDXCC Unit.

Since this is the case, as of 9-17-09 we have discontinued the production of the Units.

We have Ken, W3JK to thank for this new Power-On mod. He discovered it while he was at the JARL Ham Fair in Tokyo Japan. THANK YOU KEN!!!!

So what's the Mod, you ask?
Glad you asked, what the Power-On mod does is reveal a new setting in MENU 21. It adds an 'OFF' selection to the Menu 21 - Transmit DSP Low Pass Filter. So now you will have the Selections of 2600, 2750, 2900, 3100, and OFF. This is what the SDXCC Unit accomplished, it turned this Low Pass Filter OFF.

Here is how to enable it:
[list]Turn on the Radio while simultaneously holding the 'FINE' button in.*Press the 'MENU' button and turn the 'M.CH/VFO.CH' until Menu 21 is displayed.*Press the 'UP' button until the Selection of 'OFF' is displayed.*Press the 'MENU' button again to return to regular radio operation.

This new selection will stay there unless you do a Master Reset, or turn on the rig again while holding the FINE button.

One thing we need to mention is that while in the 'OFF' selection, The AM Mode will not transmit a carrier, you will need to return MENU 21 selection to something other then 'OFF' when in the AM Mode.

Ya'll Take Care Now!

Voodoo-LABS at www.voodoo-labs.com/index/sdxcc.htm
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