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Not documented CAT-commands
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The Kenwood TS-2000 has also CAT-commands which are not listed in the manual of this radio. When I was beta-testing for HamRadio DeLuxe we came across two commands which belong to eachother.

UT and UR
These two commands are NOT documented in the manuals of the kenwood TS-2000 and when we asked Kenwood we got no answer on our questions. UT and UR control the build-in equalizer of the Kenwood TS-2000. In fact it controls the menu settings of menu 20 (RX) and menu 21 (TX). Default there are there some option which I do not wish to explain at the moment. They speak for themselves. In this case it handles about the USER settings in those menus.

USER settings
This USER setting gives the user to option to define his/her own settings and this could be done in the ARCP2000 program which has been sold by Kenwood for the TS-2000. Maybe explains this also why Kenwood would not explain or document those two commands.

As sayedbefore: this program must be bought of Kenwood. Hamradio DeLuxe can also beein used, but then you will miss for example the equalizer options, because these or not documented. Fortunatly there are more ways to accomplish what we want.

In the download section you will find a file with in it two rows of DSP code. One for RX and one for TX. Bothe rows must be transmitted to the Kenwood TS-2000 by using the HYPER TERMINAL program or a program which will do the same. Connect with the Kenwood TS-2000. If all went well after doing this the radio will have a flat audio response for TX and RX beyond the 3khz.

I will make this file available in the download section of this website. It has the name: EQ_TS_2000.ZIP. This the direct link to it:EQ_TS-2000.ZIP

If there are questions PSE let me know on this website.
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