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What is it?
This is how it goes. The first condition is that HamRadio DeLuxe must beeing used. This program send a template from HRD to my website on times I have defined. In this case ones in a minute. The template has tookens in it and they will be filled in by HamRadio DeLuxe.

How does it workt?
It is just a text-file. This is how it looks inside, before it is processed and transmitted to my website.

<DIV align=center><P><strong><font size="2"
 face="Times New Roman, Times, serif"> Tuned to ###-frequency-### ###-mode-###
<br /> at ###-timestamp-### with my ###-radio-###

And this is how it looks when it has arrived at my website:

<DIV align=center><P><strong><font size="2" 
face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">Tuned to 14.230.000 USB
<br />at 28-Jan-2008 16:44:51
 with my TS-2000</font></strong></P></DIV>

The Where_Menu
I made a little PHP program to send all to the screen when it has been called by the E107 system. It will be displayed in a menu. Very simple. Take a look:

"Where am I?";
$myFile "/realpath/pd5dp/e107_plugins/where_menu/frequpd.htm";
$fh fopen($myFile'r');
$text fread($fhfilesize($myFile));
$ns -> tablerender ($caption$text); 

The PATH in the myfile string must be replace by het absolute path on your own host server. On this moment it is rather ruff, but in time I will try to convert this all into a plugin. Do not forget that I am a novice in PHP!!!

Place this all in it's own directory within the plugins directory of E107. In my case this will be e107_plugins/where_menu directory. Questions and remarks are more than welcome.

73 de Henk [pd5dp]
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